Ruaha National Park

Encompassing an area of 20,226 sq. km. Ruaha National Park is the second largest of all the Tanzania National Parks. The park gets its name from the Hehe word that means ‘river.’ And, the eponymous Great Ruaha River is the lifeline of the park’s wildlife. Even though Ruaha is one of the largest Tanzania National Parks with a profusion of wildlife, it’s also one of the least busy safari destinations.

Combined with the pristine environments that are home to a wide range of wildlife makes Ruaha National Park a perfect destination for safari-goers looking to experience untamed Tanzania.


The following are the key takeaways from Safaris in Ruaha National Park:

Great Wildlife Sightings

Ruaha National Park offers a brilliant range of wildlife and it’s especially well-known for the sightings of predators. Major wildlife highlights include large pride of lions and the endangered African Wild Dogs.

The Great Ruaha River

One of the central highlights of Ruaha is the Great Ruaha River, which consists of deep gorges, swirling rapids, and on top of it all excellent opportunities for catch and release/sport fishing.

Off Beaten Safari Destination

Despite being one of the best Tanzania National Parks for game viewing, Ruaha is still largely unexplored and relatively uncrowded. This makes for a private and exclusive safari experience.


You’ll without a doubt be taking part in game drives while on a safari in Ruaha. Besides this, here are some other interesting Things to do in Ruaha National Park that you can add to your safari itinerary:

Guided Nature Walks

This is the safari activity where you will get to explore the trails and depths of Ruaha on foot. This will be in the company of an experienced park ranger who is well acquainted with the walking trails.


Home to over 470 species of birds, Ruaha is a great destination for birdwatching. This activity is carried out early in the morning in the acacia savannah and Miombo woodlands where you can see species like ashy starlings, red-billed hornbills, African Fish Eagles, etc.

Cultural Tours

During cultural tours, you will be able to get familiar with the local communities and learn about their lifestyles and history, visit their farmlands and schools, etc.

If you’re seeking isolation from the humdrum of routines, then a Ruaha National Park Safari is your perfect haven. Book a Tanzania Safari Tour with us now and experience the exclusivity that this destination has to offer.