Kilimanjaro National Park

Located in northeastern Tanzania, Kilimanjaro National Park is a captivating destination that encompasses Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. The park has a diverse range of habitats and vegetation zones that in turn support plenty of wildlife.

The mountain itself and the surrounding area is unique in comparison to other Tanzania National Parks because of the fact that all ecosystems are accounted for between the base and the summit. Kilimanjaro National Park comprises the whole of the mountain above the tree line and the surrounding forest belt over 1,820 metres.


Below are the top highlights of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Safaris and what you can expect from your safari experiences here:

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro

Within the area of the national park lies the highest free-standing mountain on the planet – Mount Kilimanjaro.

Montane Forests

A wide range of beautiful Montane forests are present in Kilimanjaro National Park. These forests encircle the whole of Kilimanjaro from about 1800 – 2800 metres.

The Three Peaks

All of the Kilimanjaro peaks – Kibo, Shira, and Mawenzi are located inside the premises of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.


Here’s a defining list of the top Things to do in Kilimanjaro National Park:

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

This is perhaps the ultimate crowning glory of Kilimanjaro National Park. While taking on the adventurous task of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you can choose from various routes, each of them offering different views, difficulty levels, and duration.

Walking the Shira Plateau

The stunning Shira Plateau located a few kilometres to the west of Mount Kibo is a caldera. This is a great place to spot buffaloes and elands and step on the leftovers of a volcano that became dormant over 500,000 years ago.

Visiting the Chala Crater Lake

This Lake is believed to have been formed after volcanic activity on Kilimanjaro lies in a crater on the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

Tour of the Olpopongi Maasai Village

Olpopongi is home to one of the most authentic cultural experiences in Tanzania. A tour here will take you to the Kraals in which the Maasai people have lived for a long time. This is also where you’ll undergo learning experiences like the Maasai family traditions, enjoy local cuisines, and interact with the communities about their heritage.

If you want to experience one of the finest Tanzania Safari experiences then choose us to be your travel companions and go on a proactive adventure to Kilimanjaro National Par