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Mastering the Art of Safari Reservations

Tanzania is the best safari destination in Africa. There's an incredible amount of wildlife in a wide variety of national Parks, some of which only receive a hand full of tourists every year. Before even starting to plan a safari in Tanzania, ask yourself a few crucial questions. What kind of experience are you looking for: budget or luxury safari, or perhaps something in-between? When are you willing to go? How many national parks you’d like to visit? Identifying your own needs is the first step of careful safari planning. After that, you can contact us here and give us your ideas and we will start sketching your itinerary.

Craft Your Dream Safari

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From selecting iconic destinations like the Serengeti to tailoring your accommodations, activities, and even culinary preferences, your vision becomes a personalized masterpiece.

How To Book

Tanzania has rightly assumed a position as a top African safari destination, after decades of being overshadowed by neighboring Kenya as the premier wildlife region of East Africa.

A Tanzania safari will delight the visitor with the great wildebeest and zebra herds and the pursuing predators that trek the Serengeti in an annual migration in search of fresh grazing and water sources. This incredible wildlife spectacle is just one of many Tanzania safari attractions, which include the Ngorongoro Crater rim, majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and the exotic spice islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.

As Tanzania lies within the equatorial belt, temperatures for much of the year remain constant around 70-80°F (21-27°C) but nights and early mornings are colder between June and August. There is a short rainy period in November and December, with long rains expected between March and May. It is usually dry between June to October and again in January and February.

The annual wildlife migration of an estimated 2 million animals can happen anytime between May and July, depending on the rains, with the animals returning to the southern Serengeti from the Masai Mara around October.

Tanzania combines very well as a safari destination with neighboring Kenya, and there are daily direct flights out of London and Amsterdam to Nairobi, plus a daily flight from Amsterdam direct to Kilimanjaro. There is also easy access from Tanzania to the neighboring gorilla and primate reserves in Uganda and Rwanda.

What do you want to do?

Romance, adventure, or soul time with your family? There’s a panoply of things to do, share, and be in Africa. Start day-dreaming, collect postcards in your mind of the experiences you’d like most, and we’ll help to make it real, and bigger and finer than you imagined.

Talk to Us

Let us take the leg work out of planning a perfect African safari, and save you time, and money while we’re at it. Contact us, and a dedicated travel expert will be assigned to you. They’ll be your guide and first point of contact (via telephone initially as we find this is better than long-winded emails to get the crux of your dream trip). They will work with you, listening to what you need, answering any questions you may have, and ultimately tailor-making a perfect itinerary, no matter how many emails it takes.

Confirm & Relax

Once the itinerary is finalized and you’re happy with your booking, a 30% deposit confirms your reservation. If you need to make any changes, no problem. Our goal is to make your tour is seamless, and wrinkle-free, so you can get on with the exciting anticipation of your upcoming vacation – with no frowns, doubts, or concerns clouding the enjoyment of your trip. We are on the ground when you are travelling, and our 24-7 emergency staff on standby once you are in Africa.

Pre- departure service

Once final payment has been made, we will send you all relevant vouchers and pre-departure guides. We will check-in with you a couple of days before you arrive in Africa just to make 100% sure all is in order. While you are dreaming of Africa, we are re-confirming all services so make sure things operate seamlessly on the ground.

Post-trip service

We like to think of our guests as a part of our family. Africa is an emotive, inspiring destination, and we would love to hear about your adventures. We will welcome you home and ask you for some frank feedback (so that we can share it with others who will follow in your footsteps)

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