Mahale Mountains National Park

Hidden away on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania, the

Mahale Mountains National Park is a secluded jewel with a unique charm. Occupying a modest area of 1,650 square kilometers, this park offers a different perspective on the Tanzanian Safari experience. Despite being remote—it's about 1025 km from Dar es Salaam—this park attracts visitors with its verdant forests, pristine beaches, and the fascinating opportunity to observe wild chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Mahale Mountains National Park is the epitome of the untouched African wilderness. It combines chimp trekking, lake activities, and bird-watching tours, thus, providing a distinct safari experience. The highest peak of the mountain chain, Mount Nkungwe, rising majestically from the forest floor, adds a stunning backdrop and is also a major attraction to the park.


Nestled on the edge of Lake Tanganyika, Mahale Mountains National Park is unlike any other Tanzania National Park, offering an exceptional range of experiences.

Chimpanzee Trekking:

The Park is renowned for its habituated chimpanzee population, offering extraordinary wildlife encounters.

Spectacular Scenery

From pristine white sand beaches to lush forests and rugged mountains, the park boasts a diverse range of landscapes.

Lake Tanganyika

The clear waters of Lake Tanganyika are perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing. Another prime highlight of the place is the golden sunsets over the lake, which serves as a major attraction for photographers and safari-goers alike.


Here in the Mahale Mountains National Park, a plethora of exhilarating activities await on your Tanzania Safaris:

Embark on chimp-tracking expeditions through the lush forest, guided by experienced park rangers. It’s the park’s flagship activity and gives you a chance to get up close with the park’s chimpanzee community.

Unwind by the beautiful shores of Lake Tanganyika or enjoy a refreshing dip.

Participate in a bird-watching tour to spot unique species such as the crested guineafowl, Ross's turaco, and the African fish eagle.

Take nature walks along the majestic forested slopes in the national park. Hear the melodic voices of birds and the hooting of chimpanzees.

Explore the underwater world of Lake Tanganyika through snorkelling, kayaking, and fishing activities.

Visit Mahale Mountains National Park and unearth its hidden secrets with us. Experience the thrill of coming face to face with wild chimpanzees, relax on the pristine beaches of Lake Tanganyika, and create memories that will stay with you forever.