Nyerere National Park

Located just south of Dar es Salaam, Nyerere National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania and one of the largest wildlife havens on Earth. One of the main reasons why the park remains so unique is that despite its numerous wildlife and safari wonders, Nyerere is still far away from the mainstream Tanzania Safari circuit.

The spark that lights up the immense wilderness of the park is the mighty Rufiji River along with the network of interconnected lakes. It’s one of the best places to witness countless crocodiles, hippos, and birdlife. And the combination of traditional land-based game drives and walking safaris with water-based boating safaris enhance the remote Tanzania Safari experiences even more.


Here are the top highlights of Tanzania Safari Tours in the park:

Abundant Wildlife

Nyerere National Park is home to several unique antelope species like sable and puku (a local wetland special). All of the big five are present in the park though sighting of the black rhino is very rare. The endangered wild dogs are also a major wildlife highlight.

Rich Birdlife

Nyerere is an excellent safari destination for birdwatching. With a presence of over 440 recorded species, the most notable of whom are found in the lagoons, islands, sandbanks, and channels along the Rufiji River.

Untouched Wilderness

If quiet lands, free of human presence are of interest to you then you’ll get exactly this while on Safaris in Nyerere National Park.


The top Things to do in Nyerere National Park are listed below:

Game Drives

These are part of virtually every Tanzania Safari itinerary and are the most prominent way to get reliable sightings of the diverse wildlife that inhabits the park.

Boating Safaris

This activity takes place on the mighty Rufiji River where you’ll be able to see animals like Nile Crocodiles and hippos submerged in the waters along with a range of birds and fish species.

Village Visits

Set off on a traditional village visit and get a glimpse into the way of life of the local and famous nomadic tribes that live around the park’s area.

Bush Meals and Sundowners

The scenic wilderness of Nyerere National Park gives a great opportunity to enjoy a sundowner at a scenic spot or have an outdoor candlelit dinner in the African Bush.

Nature Walks

Guided nature walks inside the premises of the park will give you an up-close experience with the wilderness and you’ll be able to fully appreciate the serenity of this remote but wonderful wildlife reserve.

If you want to have a Tanzania Safari experience where you’ll be transported to the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness with nothing but the sounds of nature keeping you company, then visiting Nyerere National Park should be right at the top of your list!