December a Good Time to Visit Tanzania
21 Nov 2023

Is December a Good Time to Visit Tanzania?

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Yes, Tanzania in December is a superb period for planning a trip to Tanzania. This month is often highlighted as the Best Time to Visit Tanzania for those looking to soak in its stunning scenery and dynamic wildlife. The conditions are ideal for those eager to observe the diverse animal population in their natural habitat, especially on a Tanzania Safari Vacation.

Plus, for a change of scene, the December weather is just right for basking in the sun on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. Overall, Tanzania in December offers a mix of adventure and relaxation, with plenty of sunshine to brighten your journey.

Weather and Climate of Tanzania in December

In December, Tanzania’s climate is generally warm and agreeable, making outdoor excursions quite pleasant. The Average Temperature in Tanzania in December lingers around 28°C (83°F).

The evenings suggest a slight dip in mercury, making it wise to have a light jacket on hand. Marking the tail end of the dry season, rain is a rare guest, making conditions nearly perfect for exploring the outdoors.

  • Temperature in Tanzania in December: Daytime averages hover around 83°F, while nighttime can cool down to approximately 77°F.
  • Tanzania in December Weather: Expect sun-filled days with minimal rainfall, perfect for outdoor ventures.
  • Safari in Tanzania in December: Dry landscapes urge wildlife to gather at waterholes, elevating the chances for spectacular animal sightings.

In short, December offers warm days and cool evenings for Tanzania Safari Vacations, with minimal rain and abundant wildlife around waterholes, ensuring prime conditions for game viewing and outdoor adventures.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities in December

December is a magical month for wildlife enthusiasts, offering several unique spectacles:

Witness the Wildebeest Calving

This is the start of the calving season, a time when the Serengeti comes alive with newborn wildebeests. It’s a momentous event that’s not only adorable but also attracts predators, making for some exciting game viewing.

Bird Watching Bonanza

With the rains comes a bounty of birdlife. Tanzania is home to a vast array of birds, whose visibility is enhanced by the sparse foliage of the wet season.

Tanzania in December

transforms into a vibrant nursery for wildebeests and a paradise for birders, making it a spectacular time for a safari vacation.

Safari Destinations to Visit in December

Safari goers are in for a treat with several Tanzania Safari Destinations offering memorable experiences:

The Serengeti:

Home to the last chapters of the Great Migration and a hotspot for witnessing the calving of wildebeest.

Ngorongoro Crater:

A thriving wildlife hub with the likes of lions and hippos readily on display.

Lake Manyara National Park:

A birder’s paradise, famed for its tree-climbing lions and stunning pink flamingos.

For an unrivalled wildlife journey, December is the Best Time to Visit Tanzania unique safari spots, each brimming with natural marvels and rare animal sightings.

Cultural Festivals and Events

Cultural Festivals in Tanzania

December also brings in cultural festivities, showcasing Tanzania’s rich display of traditions:

Swahili Fashion Week:

A glamorous celebration of East African fashion, bringing together the region’s top designers.

Zanzibar Beach and Watersports Festival:

A vivacious event where sports and leisure blend against the backdrop of Tanzania’s idyllic beaches.

December in Tanzania dazzles with unique events, from fashion showcases to beachside sports, enriching your Tanzania Safari Vacation experience.

The Crowds and Costs Factor

With the festive lure of Christmas and New Year, the latter part of December sees a spike in visitor numbers and a corresponding rise in accommodation prices. However, the early weeks can be a sweet spot for cost-savvy travellers looking for quieter explorations and better deals.

Early December:

Enjoy thinner crowds and potentially lower rates on Tanzania Safari Vacation Packages.

Late December:

Expect bustling tourist spots and higher costs, especially in hotspots like Zanzibar.

Hence, visit early December for affordable Tanzania Safari Vacation Packages and fewer tourists, but late December has more crowds and higher prices, particularly in hotspots like Zanzibar.

Planning Your December Safari

Planning Your December Safari

When considering the Best Time to Go to Tanzania, December’s charm is hard to ignore. The ideal time for Tanzania Safarisoften coincides with this month for many reasons:

  • Beginning of the emerald season with lush landscapes
  • Excellent wildlife viewing with lesser crowds
  • Pleasant weather conditions for outdoor activities

For a perfectly balanced trip, look into Destination Tanzania Safaris that combine the thrill of wildlife with the calm of the beaches.

Wrapping Up the Year with Wildlife

In conclusion, December is indeed among the Best Times to Visit Tanzania. It offers a harmonious balance of good weather, wildlife spotting, and cultural festivities.

It’s a month that showcases the country at a vibrant, dynamic pace. At Conservation Caravan Safaris, we invite you to conclude your year with an epic journey through Tanzania’s stunning landscapes and rich heritage.

Explore the untamed beauty of Tanzania this December. Let the spirit of the safari enrich you with unforgettable experiences.

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