Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The Best Time To Visit Tanzania is generally the dry season, which runs between May and October. It is best to avoid the rainy season, which runs from March to May. During the dry season, Tanzania's national parks come alive with abundant wildlife making ideal time for safaris.

But for those seeking a more intimate and secluded experience, consider visiting Tanzania during the short rainy season, which typically occurs from the end of October to December. This season offers the advantage of fewer crowds and more affordable rates, allowing you to immerse yourself in Tanzania's natural beauty and wildlife at a leisurely pace.

Seasons in Tanzania

Tanzania experiences distinct seasons throughout the year. Those are:

Dry Season (June to October)

The dry season is undoubtedly the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. Running from June to October, this period offers pleasant weather and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Shoulder Season (November and December):

November and December mark Tanzania's short rainy season, but don't let that discourage you. These months still offer fantastic game viewing opportunities, fewer crowds, and the chance to enjoy more affordable prices.

Rainy Season (January to May):

January to May marks Tanzania's green season or wet season, characterized by occasional showers and a burst of new life in the landscapes. While these months are considered the wettest, they offer unique experiences for nature enthusiasts.

It's an excellent time for birdwatching, as resident bird species display their colourful plumage.

Best Time for Great Wildebeest Migration

For those seeking one of nature's most awe-inspiring spectacles, Serengeti Wildebeest Migration is an absolute must-see. This incredible event sees millions of wildebeest, zebras, and other herbivores undertake a massive journey across the Serengeti in search of fresh grazing lands.

To catch this epic migration in action, the Best Time for Tanzania Safari is between July and August. During this period, the herds gather in the northern Serengeti, preparing to cross the iconic Mara River, where dramatic river crossings and heart-pounding encounters with predators unfold.

The Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro

The best time for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, is during the dry seasons (June to October and January to March).

  • These months offer the most favourable weather conditions, with clear skies, lower chances of rainfall, and better visibility.
  • The dry seasons provide a greater chance of a successful summit and a more enjoyable trekking experience.

However, remember that Kilimanjaro's climate can be unpredictable, and temperatures can drop significantly as you ascend. So, proper preparation, including acclimatization and suitable gear, is essential regardless of the time of year.

Best Time for Beaches and Zanzibar

If you're seeking a beach getaway or diving adventure, Tanzania's coastal areas and Zanzibar Island beckon throughout the year. With a tropical climate, turquoise waters, and pristine white sands, these destinations offer an idyllic escape.

The dry season from June to October is generally preferred for beach activities, but even during the rainy season, you can still enjoy pleasant temperatures and breathtaking views.

Good To Know:

Tanzania's climate and weather patterns can vary, so it's always a good idea to check regional forecasts and consult with your travel advisor for the most up-to-date information.

No matter the time of year, Tanzania's beauty and wildlife never cease to amaze. Whether you're chasing the Great Migration, seeking intimate wildlife encounters, or craving a beachside retreat, Tanzania offers something extraordinary for every traveller. Plan your visit wisely, and get ready for a wonderful Tanzania Safari Tour!