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Tanzania in December falls right in the perfect spot between the dry and wet season, i.e., the short rainy season. This is the period when the weather is at its most pleasant – when it’s neither too hot nor is it raining heavily. Plus, the transformation of the entire plains region into a rich green is one of the highlights of Tanzania Safari Vacations in December.

Moreover, safari accommodations and Tanzania Safari Vacation Packages are a lot more affordable as compared to the peak summer months. The reason for this is the absence of crowds, as most travellers tend to prefer the summer months.

The question of When is the Best Time to Visit Tanzania is a point of contention, but December offers a set of advantages that can not be ignored. The Average Temperature in Tanzania in December hovers around 27°C. The lack of precipitation makes for brilliant safari conditions, as wildlife gathers around different water sources transforming the safari destinations into an arena of abundance.

“Not the true green season, but true in terms of authentic safari vacations, Tanzania in December is full of notable adventures. This coupled with clear beautiful skies and excellent photographic conditions adds even more depth to the experience.”

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Tanzania in December

All the common December safari queries in one convenient spot

Adding more insights and value to travellers, this section goes over every Tanzania Safari Vacation in December question you could think of.

Not exactly, Tanzania in December is referred to as the period of the short rains. The weather during this time is characterized by clear skies, and sunny conditions in the daytime with sporadic rains in the afternoon and evenings.

The Weather in Tanzania in December is lovely, with sunny and warm days. The average temperatures flutter around 27 Celsius and evenings and nights can be cooler. The month also marks the end of the dry season in Tanzania, thus expect a bit of rainfall during Tanzania Safari Vacations in December.

Yes, no doubt about it Visiting Tanzania in December is certainly fruitful. The month indicates the start of the emerald or green season. The stunningly beautiful lush surroundings offer a perfect environment for safari adventures and birdwatching is at its peak.

The Average Temperature in Tanzania in December ranges from 27 to 32 degree Celsius. The days tend to be hotter and the temperatures fall down significantly during the nighttime.

Yes, the biggest annual fashion event of the East and Central Africa is held in December o every year. It’s called the Swahili Fashion Week. For visitors on Safari Vacations In Tanzania, there are plenty of pop-up shops where they can buy souvenirs.

Besides the obvious items like comfortable walking shoes, clothing essentials, toiletries, and mosquito repellent, make it a point to include items like layered clothes and binoculars. This is because the nighttime temperatures will get cold and the birdwatching experience will be nothing short of phenomenal.

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