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The Kilimanjaro Climbing expedition via the Marangu Route is a mixture of scenic beauty and rich culture. Over the course of six days, you'll ascend through lush rainforests, traverse alpine meadows, and navigate rugged terrain, all under the watchful eye of our experienced guides and porters. As you reach the summit, the sense of accomplishment and the breathtaking vistas stretching to the horizon will be your reward.

Tour : 6 Days Marangu Route
Duration : 6 Days
Countries: Tanzania

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Your journey mapped out:

Day 1:
Transfer from the Airport

Mount Meru Game Lodge | Tanzania

Day 2:
Marangu Gate to Mandara Hut

Mandara Huts

Day 3 :
Mandara Hut to Horombo Hut

Horombo Huts and Campsite

Day 4:
Horombo Hut to Kibo Hut

Kibo Hut

Day 5:
Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak to Horombo Hut
Day 6:
Includes & Excludes

What is Included & Excluded

What's Included
  • Ground transfers with pick up and drop of at Kilimanjaro airport and the base hotel in Moshi
  • Park entrance fees,
  • Rescue fees
  • Emergency Oxygen at not extra charge 
  • Medical / First aid Kit.
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, to measure clients oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
  • 24 Hours standby radio Communication
  • 3LTRS Mineral water on the first day per client
  • Hot meals (except first day) served in the mess tent.
  • 4 season sleeping tents
  • 2 inches mattress 1 per client
  • Professional Mountain Guide, Park Fees and Salaries
  • Porters,
  • Flying Doctor membership cover
  • Fist and last night at Mount Meru Game Lodge on (HB) Dinner bed and breakfast included.
  • Dayroom on the last day at Mount Meru Game Lodge
What's Excluded
  • Personal gears/climbing equipment
  • Transfer to and from the starting gates
  • Sleeping bags
  • Drinks
  • Tipping and all other expenses of personal nature.

Suggested Day By Day Itinerary With Accommodations

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Your Expedition Starts Here
Day 1:

Mount Meru Game Lodge, Usa River

After clearing with customs and Immigration formalities at the airport, you will be met by your driver guide for the short transfer to your Lodge, nestled between the peaks of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. Spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure or visit the Game Sanctuary that has for many years provided a safe haven to African plains game.

Set 23 kilometres east of Arusha, Usa River is the capital of Tanzania’s Meru District and lies between the Ndurdoto Crater and Arusha National Park. Dotted with numerous eco-lodges and other accommodation options, the town provides an ideal base for exploring the magnificent surrounding natural landscapes. Visit the seven Momela Lakes to see vast swathes of pink flamingos, and look out for buffalos and waterbuck. The park offers an array of safari tours and the chance to see unique primates such as blue monkeys, albino baboons, and colobus monkeys (this is the only place in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit where they can be found). The spectacular Mount Meru is a fantastic achievement to climb and provides unparalleled vistas of Kilimanjaro. At Usa River’s Cultural Arts Centre, take part in drum-making and Tanzanian cooking classes or visit traditional Maasai and Meru bomas.

Overnight: Mount Meru Game Lodge

Set in beautiful and tranquil surroundings, the Mount Meru Game Lodge is nestled between the Usa river and the sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to water buffalo, birds and monkeys, including the elusive Colobus monkey. Conveniently located just 30 minutes from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), the lodge is an ideal starting point for your safari.

The lodge & sanctuary date back to 1959 when Dr. Von Nagy bought the property as a family home. The main building dates back to the 1930's and was originally the farm manager's house. In the first half of the 1900's most of the area on the southern slopes of Mount Meru were coffee plantations.

Dr. Von Nagy's was passionate about animals and he quickly turned his family home into an animal sanctuary and orphanage. He setup the Mount Meru Wildlife Reserve in order to protect the wildlife on Mount Meru, what is now part of Arusha National Park. He also helped the government to establish the Wildlife Collage and used his animal sanctuary and orphanage as a training facility for the students. His home and passion attracted visitors from far and wide, rooms were added to accommodate his visitors and the lodge was born.

Overnight & Meal Plan

Half Board - Dinner, Bed and Breakfast
Location : Mount Meru Lodge
Your Expedition Starts Here
Day 2:

Day Itinerary

After breakfast check out and transfer to Marangu Gate (1860m) – Mandara hut (2715m)

Hiking time: 5h

Distance: Approximately 8.1 km

Habitat: Montane forest

You now leave the Park gate and ascend on a cleared ridge trail through the rain forest. The forest, suffused with mist and dripping with beards of moss, is also where most of Kilimanjaro’s animals are found.An alternative and more scenic parallel forest trail branches off to the left a few minutes after the gate. This trail follows the edge of a stream through the undergrowth and offers you the option to rejoin the main trail either after 1.5 hours hiking, or 1 hour before Mandara hut.

Your first night stop, Mandara hut, consisting of a group of wooden A-framed huts in a forest clearing. Each hut features 6-8 sleeping bunks with solar generated lighting. The total capacity of the camp is 60 climbers. Water is piped into the camp from springs above and there are flush toilets behind the main hut. Dinner is prepared by our cook and served in a communal dining mess.

Kilimanjaro's snow-capped peak is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Africa. Straddling the Kenya/Tanzania border, the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro rises up to an impressive 5896 metres above sea level. It is one of the world's highest volcanoes, the highest mountain on the African continent, and the highest free-standing mountain on earth; making it an international destination attracting trekkers and mountaineers from around the globe. Set within the Kilimanjaro National Park, Kilimanjaro emerges from the sprawling plains of Tanzania and boasts dense tropical rainforests, glacial ice fields, moorlands, and mystical moonscapes. Take on the colossal challenge of climbing this majestic mountain, explore the lush forested foothills, soak up the breathtaking views or take a wildlife safari and spot some of Africa’s diverse wildlife including: elephant, buffalo, leopard, duiker, eland, hyrax, blue monkeys and more.

Overnight: Mandara Huts

This campsite is set in a forest along the Marangu Route. Mandara Huts can accommodate up to 60 campers at a time. The campsite relies on solar lighting and features a dining hall and ablution facilities.

Overnight & Meal Plan

Full Board - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Location : Mandara hut
Day 3:

Horombo Huts & Campsite, Mount Kilimanjaro

Mandara hut (2715m) – Horombo hut (3705m)

Hiking time: 6h

Distance: Approximately 11.6 km

Habitat: Moorland

From Mandara hut the trail passes through a short stretch of forest, skirts the base of the Maundi Crater and then emerges into the transition from rain forest to moorland. It is well worth a short detour to scramble up the rim of the Maundi Crater for your first really impressive view of the Kibo Crater. On a clear day, Kibo will glimmer in the distance, showing off her majestic glaciers in the morning sun.

Once you are in the open moorland you will get the chance to see some of Kilimanjaro’s most spectacular plants – the endemic giant lobelia which grows up to 3 m in height and the giant groundsel (Senecia Kilimanjari), which can reach heights of 5m! After about 6 hours trek from here, you reach the Horombo hut, where you will have a hot bowl of washing water, rest; an evening meal and overnight.

Overnight: Horombo Huts & Campsite

The Horombo Huts & Campsite is set along the Marangu Trail on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This site can accommodate up to 120 campers spread across a mix of cabins and tents. Facilities include a kitchen for cooking, a dining area, and a rangers office. Guests will also have access to an abundant water source near the campsite.

Overnight & Meal Plan

Full Board - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Location : Horombo Huts
Day 4:

Kibo Hut, Mount Kilimanjaro

Horombo hut (3705m) – Kibo hut (4730m)

Hiking time: 5 h

Distance: Approximately 9 km

Habitat: Alpine desert

After breakfast you now continue your ascent into the Alpine desert habitat. From Horombo there are two trails to the “Saddle” (which refers to the area located between the peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo). There is an upper route (right hand fork) and lower route (left hand fork) to choose from. The upper route (right hand fork) should be very familiar, as you will have climbed most of it the previous day (on your acclimatisation hike) towards Mawenzi hut. This section is very stony and eroded.

The recommended lower route (left hand fork) is much easier and nearly an hour shorter, and it also passes the last watering point at 4130m. You will have to fill your water bottles with all the water you will need until your return to Horombo hut in two night’s time (unless you are willing to buy Mineral water at Kibo hut). Once again remember to slow down and drink enough water!

Situated in the barren Alpine desert is Kibo hut, a stone build block house which has bunk beds for 60 climbers, but no streams with water nearby. There are platform toilets behind the hut. The summit is now a further 1195m up and you will make your final ascent the same night. Prepare your equipment, ski-stick and thermal clothing for your summit bid. This should include the replacement of your headlamp and camera batteries and make sure you have a spare set available as well. To prevent freezing it will be wise to carry your water in a thermal flask. Go to bed at round about 19h00 and try to get as much rest and sleep as possible.

Overnight: Kibo Hut

Kibo is a little basecamp set in the Kilimanjaro National Park. Climbers set camp here before leaving for Uhuru Peak. Accommodation at Kibo is provided in dormitory rooms that caters to 60 people in a stone house.

Overnight & Meal Plan

Full Board - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Location : Kibo Hut
Day 5:

Horombo Huts & Campsite, Mount Kilimanjaro

Kibo hut (4730m) – Uhuru Peak (5895m) – Horombo hut (3705m)

Hiking time: 7 to 8 hours to reach Uhuru Peak, 6 to 8 hours to descend to Horombo Distance: Approximately 5.4km ascent and 15 km descent Habitat: Stone scree and ice-capped summit

You will rise around 23h20, and after some tea and biscuits you shuffle off into the night, and this is where the going really gets tough. The first section of the trail consists of a rocky path to the Hans Meyer Cave (5150m), also a good resting spot. The path then zigzags up to Gillman’s point (5 681m), which is located on the crater rim. This section is very steep with a lot of stone scree, requiring a great physical and mental effort. This is probably the most demanding section of the entire route. Do the Kili shuffle and move slowly.

From Gillmans Point you will normally encounter snow all the way up to Uhuru peak (5895m), the highest point in Africa. Total exhilaration and satisfaction – you made it. Weather conditions on the summit will determine how long you will be able to spend, taking photographs, before the 3 hour descent back to Kibo hut. After a short rest you gather all your gear you left behind for the ascent and head down to Horombo hut (3 hours) for your overnight. The return to Horombo hut will seem surprisingly fast compared to the ascent. The total time spent walking on this day is around 14 hours, so be prepared for a very tough day. Later in the evening you enjoy your last dinner (with soft drinks and beer for sale at the camp office) on the mountain and a well-earned sleep, filled with memories and stirring emotions.

Overnight: Horombo Huts & Campsite

The Horombo Huts & Campsite is set along the Marangu Trail on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This site can accommodate up to 120 campers spread across a mix of cabins and tents. Facilities include a kitchen for cooking, a dining area, and a rangers office. Guests will also have access to an abundant water source near the campsite.

Overnight & Meal Plan

Full Board - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Location : Horombo Huts
Day 6:

End of Itinerary

Horombo hut (3705m) – Marangu Gate (1860m)

Hiking time: 6h

Distance: Approximately 19.7 km

After breakfast you continue your descent (6 hours), passing the Mandara hut, down to the Marangu gate. At Marangu gate you sign your name and details in a register. This is also where successful climbers receive their summit certificates. Those climbers who reached Gillman’s Point (5685m) are issued with green certificates and those who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m), receive gold certificates. After lunch transfer to the lodge for dayroom, evening transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your departure flight back home. End of our Service.

Location : Marangu Gate

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