Serengeti’s Epic Wildebeest River Journey

The Wildebeest Crossing Serengeti is a natural spectacle like no other. Each year, millions of wildebeests begin an epic journey across the Serengeti's rivers in a display of determination and survival.

The Serengeti Crossing event occurs as part of the Great Migration. This is where the wildebeests, along with zebras and other herbivores, traverse the crocodile-ridden waters of the Grumeti and Mara Rivers. The sight of thousands of wildebeests plunging into the rivers, braving swift currents and lurking predators, is a true reflection of nature in your Tanzania safari vacation. It's a heart-pounding moment that sums up the circle of life in the wild, where predators await their opportunity amidst the chaos of this incredible river crossing. 

“The spectacle of the Great Migration River Crossing is one of three-dimensional beauty infused with an aura of chaos and charged with adrenaline.”

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The Build-Up To The River Crossing

The anticipation leading up to the Wildebeest Crossing is intense. As the dry season progresses and the savannah's grasslands become worn out of resources, millions of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles begin their remarkable journey. They gather in large herds on the plains, restless and ready for the signal to move. The build-up is characterized by their increasing restlessness, the thundering sound of hooves, and an electrifying energy in the air. These signs indicate that nature's grand spectacle is about to unfold.

The Perils And Challenges Of The Crossing

The Great Migration River Crossing isn’t without its set of challenges. The wildebeests have to brave against swift currents and lurking predators, most notably the crocodiles.

  • The crossing is a chaotic scene. Wildebeests hesitate on the riverbanks, contemplating when and where to make their move.
  • Crocodiles often lie in wait, ready to strike.
  • As the wildebeests plunge into the river, it’s a heart-stopping moment as they fight to reach the other side.

They have to battle not only the waters but also the jaws of hungry predators. This journey marks a true test of their survival instincts.

Best Time To Witness

Below we have thought up the different features of the Great Migration River Crossing. This is along with specific times of the year you should go on Serengeti National Park Safaris to experience them:


Dry Season

July - August

Witness massive herds gather and brave the rivers.

Calving Season

January - March

Experience wildebeest calving season before the migration begins.


September - October

Capture stunning river crossing scenes with lush greenery and dramatic river crossings.

In the heart of the Serengeti, the Wildebeest Crossing showcases both the delicateness and determination of life in the wild. Make your Safari Vacations In Tanzania memories last a lifetime by planning your trip at the time of great wildebeest migration.

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Wildebeest Crossing Serengeti

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Explore Our Faq Section To Find Concise And Informative Answers To Your Wildebeest River Crossings Queries.

The Wildebeest Crossing Serengeti typically occurs between July and August during the dry season.

The main river crossings are over the Grumeti River and the Mara River.

The event can last for several weeks, with herds moving back and forth across the rivers during this period. This makes for plenty of chances to witness the spectacle during a Safari Vacation in Tanzania.

The scarcity of resources and the need to find greener pastures leads the wildebeests to go on the Great Migration River Crossing journey.

The wildebeests face swift currents, steep riverbanks, and the threat of crocodiles during the river crossing.

Yes, tourists can witness this incredible event by booking a Safari in Serengeti National Park during the migration season.

Yes, there are several designated viewpoints along the riverbanks where tourists on Tanzania Safari Vacations can safely watch the crossing.

Essential Tanzania Safari Packing List items include binoculars, a camera, sunscreen, a hat, comfortable clothing, and insect repellent.

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