Kilimanjaro Gear List

Without proper Gear and equipment, it is practically impossible to climb Kilimanjaro. And, by bringing the right Kilimanjaro Gear list, you make Mount Kilimanjaro Climb safe and comfortable.

The first thing you need to pack is clothing, and you need to pack clothes that can dry quickly and protect you from harsh conditions. You can choose t pack the following items –3-4 short sleeves,1-2 long sleeves hiking shirts,1-2 pairs of long hiking trousers1 insulated winter jacket, Fleece pants and, 4-5 pairs of underwear.

Don’t forget to pack the right and appropriate Kilimanjaro Gear. Because you're successful. Kilimanjaro climb has to do with the gear you will carry with you. here are some essential gears you should consider taking with you.

Sleeping Bags (should be warm and four seasons)

Sleep Pad (pick the inflatable)

Duffel Bag (70-90 L Capacity)

Day pack (30-35 L Capacity)

To protect yourself from Kilimanjaro’s blistering sun, don’t forget to pack the right headgear. You can consider taking the following head gears to your Kilimanjaro Packing List

Wide-brimmed sun hat

Warm beanie or fleece headband

Bandana or neck gaite



Contact lenses and sunglasses

Getting Bugs and bites on Mount Kilimanjaro is common. So, to get rid of bugs and bites you can consider the following list of items in your hand and walking gears categories.

Gloves (carry waterproof)

Hiking boots or shoes (must be warm and waterproof)

Socks (wool/synthetic)

Trekking socks sunglasses

Walking boots

Gaiters (not mandatory)

Spare laces and footbed

Apart from all the above, you can take a medical kit for your Kilimanjaro Climbing. You can add the following list of items to your medical kit

Altitude Drugs (Diamox)

Personal medication (anti-malarial tablets, painkillers, antibiotics for bacterial infection.

Oral rehydration sachets

Anti-nausea medication

Plasters, bandages and zinc oxide tape

Anti-septic cream

Eye drops and skin healing medication

If you’re tech-savvy, consider the following tech gear


Spare batteries

Extra lenses and memory cards

And a pair of binoculars

Travel adapter to charge your electronics

Other Miscellaneous Items in Kilimanjaro Gear List Apart from all the above items, you need to carry the following miscellaneous items in your Kilimanjaro Packing list.

Water bottle to keep you hydrated

Flask to keep your water warm

Trekking poles during descending

Padlocks to keep your valuables secure

Wet pipes

Toilet rolls

Book, (you can read while resting in the tents)

Here is a tip from our safari experts, packing at the last minute can be hectic and confusing, so keep practising your backpack early. If you want to know more about Kilimanjaro Gear List, you can contact our guides.