Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost

The average cost of Kilimanjaro climbing ranges between $1500 to $6000. This cost is including conservation fees, porters’ fees, campsite fees, transportation costs, staff wages and more. But there are a lot of other things that are included, in Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost, that’s why we have made a detailed breakdown of all the elements that are included in Kilimanjaro climbing cost.

We have divided Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost into five sections. The first one is Kilimanjaro climbing Package. There are types of Kilimanjaro Climbing packages available

Budget Kilimanjaro Climbing Package- ranges between $1600 to $2000

Mid-range Kilimanjaro Climbing Package – ranges between $2000 to $4000

And the Luxury Kilimanjaro Climbing Package – ranges between $4000 to $6000.

Another important aspect of the Kilimanjaro Climb Cost is how the cost of climbing on each route. the climbing cost is different on each route.

Kilimanjaro Route For 1 Person For A Group Of 2 Persons For A Group Of 3 Persons For A Group Of 4 Persons
6 Days Machame Route $2830 $2200 $1955 $1015
6 Days Marangu Route $2885 $2170 $1956 $1885
7 Days Lemosho Route $3475 $2672 $2390 $2309
7 Days Rongai Route $3515 $2750 $2500 $2322
9 Days Northern Circuit Route $4630 $3550 $3127 $3000

The cost of guides, porters and chefs is also included in the Climbing cost of Kilimanjaro. Here how much is the cost of these members is.

The guides - $175

Assistant guides- $140

Chefs -$100

Porters- $15-20

Climbing Kilimanjaro is practically impossible, without having proper gear and equipment. That’s why it’s important to pick the right gear and know how much it can cost. In clothing, you need warm layers of clothes, jackets and thermal wear, which can cost between $500-$1500.

Coming to gear, which includes sleeping bags, hiking boots, trekking poles and others. You can buy this item on rent it. if you rent it can cost between $5-$50 and if you buy it can cost up to$100-$500.

Tipping is customary on Mount Kilimanjaro, and it ranges from 10% to 20% of your total climbing cost.

Coming accommodation and meals costs are basically included in your climbing Kilimanjaro climbing package.

Every climber to Mount Kilimanjaro must pay the park fees, which include the conservation fees, camping fees and rescue fees, conservation fees range from $60-$70 per day while the camping fees can cost $50 to $60, and rescue fees cost up to $20.

While calculating the true cost of Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, make sure to add, traveller expenses like flight cost, visa and vaccination costs.

Visa cost- it can cost range between $50-$100, based on the country you belong. Make sure have the budget for the required vaccination you need. Flight costs can vary depending on location, flight carrier and the season you’re flying.

Several factors determine your Kilimanjaro Climbing cost like days on the mountain, group of people, level of accommodation, chosen itinerary and others.

This is all about Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost, we have tried to put every piece of information on how much it cost, and what are the factors that can affect this.

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